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Dynamic back links for ext:news

If you did more than one TYPO3 project, you presumably know the following requirement: „We want to have a news list for press releases, a news list for R&D and a news list for HR. And all news shall be displayed on the same page. And of course, at the end of the single view, we need a link to go back to exactly the list the user came from.“

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Passing and expecting parameters with …$things

selectThis is one of those blog posts I wrote really to note things down for myself. So if you are a highly skilled and cutting edge PHP expert, you might skip over that piece of noob talk. But if you were confused about that never-seen-before code with three dots in front of a parameter name like …$random, and you never could tell, what the developer wanted to tell you, you could learn from my research.

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TYPO3 visibility and Doctrine DBAL a.k.a. Restrictions

Updated 2016-06-03
Details for restrictions.

When it comes to visibility (e.g. flags like „hidden“, „starttime“ or „deleted“) TYPO3 implements a lot of magic, that works differently in the Frontend and in the Backend. Imagine a list view for example. In the Backend list all records flagged with „hidden“ are shown while in the Frontend list they are hidden. In the past (before the change to the Doctrine DBAL facade that I mentioned in my earlier post [1]) that was archieved by the function ContentObjectRenderer->enableFields().

And now this will change again. Once change 48049 [2] is merged into the master, this will simplify things drastically. So, what you are reading right now is brand new stuff, stuff that is even only in code review at the moment of writing. Please be aware of this and forgive me for any misinformation that might be in this post.

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Migrate from the TYPO3 database wrapper to the Doctrine DBAL syntax

Last updated: 2016-06-06 13:00

With the TYPO3 8.1 release, the Doctrine Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL) will be introduced into the TYPO3 core. Sooner or later the old TYPO3 database wrapper (together with the old dbal and adodb extensions) will be removed. So if you’re an extension developer creating extensions for TYPO3 8.1 or above, it could come in handy to migrate all of your database calls to the new syntax. If your extension just relies on Extbase Repository stuff, then you are fine. The migration of Extbase will be done by the core itself so your magic functions will also work in the future. But in case you still have this dusty exec_SELECTgetRows somewhere in your extension, I’ll try to give you some help to come to the light side.

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